Saturday, December 05, 2009

My Brain Screamed "I'M STRESSED!!!"

Hello folks,
How's the life goin?

I've been stressed for these day, I can say it caused by this TryOut thing. It's so confusing because, I can say that I don't get any preparation for any subject for the test. No wonder if the grade is awful later. I know it's just my fault, I'll do better next time...

So, TryOut is over, it doesn't mean my stress caused come to an end. Next week will be held the Final Exam for this semester. Am I ready for the test itself? I hope I could say Yes, but honestly, NO NO NO.

Maybe I'm too lazy (or too stupid???) to learn these subjects, or maybe I think I'm good enough for everything... Idk, I don't even have an energy to think. Such a fool of myself.

OK, just wish me luck for the next test. Hope there will be such an emergency help for me in the crissist time, hehe just in case if I don't have any idea to do the test.

And of course, I have to believe in myself.

Keep the good work!
Mucho, ♥QC