Wednesday, June 22, 2011


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astaga adik Dipaaaaaaaaaaa, kyaaaaaaaaaa kyaaaaaaaaaa! >.<

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

". .

aku suka bikin ulah, membuatmu marah. lalu berdebar-debar memandangi wajah tampanmu yang cemberut padaku. tau kenapa? karena aku lebih suka kamu marahi..daripada menghadapi kenyataan kalau kau tidak lagi peduli. padaku

from here

buy me this! pls?

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upcoming event :)

I was busy working on this stuff these days! yipeeeee, it's my first Fashion Show of the year! I mean, the real fashion show! (not just an awkward event watching the girls walking around here and there with something they called 'clothes'? lol)

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for all the people who lives around Bandung, come and join us at Bandung Trade Center (BTC) Pasteur on the BTC Fashion Week, where fashion is all about renew the oldschool hot stuffs...

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Friday, June 17, 2011


  • Guy: Why do you wear hijab?
  • Girl: I wear hijab to protect myself and its part of my religion.
  • Guy: So you're trying to say those who doesn't put hijab on is not protecting themselves?
  • Girl: Well, partly yes? They have higher chances of getting raped.
  • Guy: So you're trying to say girls not wearing hijab will get rape?
  • Girl: Oh no. So you're trying to say a girl naked won't get rape by a guy?
  • Guy: Obviously yes.
  • Girl: Thats what im referring to. We wear hijab to protect ourselves. To cover ourselves so that eyes around won't get high looking at things that they are not supposed to see. Same as clothes. Why do we put on clothes? :) May Allah bless you

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(un) Common Quote

Saya ingat quote ini, dan tidak sengaja saya menemukan gambar yang tepat untuk mewakilkan ungkapan yang belum termuntahkan, simply read and look this

"If You Love Somebody, Set Him Free. If He Comes Back, He's Yours , If He Doesn't, He Never Was."


Ok, tadi pagi aku ke puskesmas, matahari masih malu untuk bersinar terlalu pijar, angin pun masih berpikir untuk meniupkan beliungnya, saya melihat 2 orang suami-istri yang sudah renta act romanticly, they eat breakfast with 1 spoon, sweet :)

Jika aku sebagai reader disini, mungkin aku akan bertanya,

"somethin' special with old people, huh? I think they'll gonna be die soon"

Well sebenernya bagiku orangtua ialah sumber inspirasi keromantisan, menurutku romantis itu bukan diam di kosan pasangan di tengah hujan deras dan mati lampu selama setengah hari #IniBukanSepetan

Mengapa orang-orang tua itu menjadi sumber inspirasi keromantisan?
baiklah aku ambil beberapa contoh dari tweet lawas nya sang selebritwit @rahneputri yang berhashtag-kan #RomantisAdalah

"#RomantisAdalah ketika aku bermain catur sendirian, kau menenun, dan kita membicarakan tentang cucu kita."

"#RomantisAdalah ketika kita kebingungan mencarikan mainan untuk cucu kita."

"#RomantisAdalah ketika kau membungkuk dengan susah payah, mengambilkan sisirku yang jatuh"

Begitulah kurang lebih keromantisan yang di maksud olehku.
Aku harap, kita akan sampai ke tahap romantis yang aku maksud tersebut, itu romantis hakiki.

Thanks for reading my post reader, feedback are welcome :)

Ditulis oleh Erlangga Nugraha, seorang sahabat,
Pengagum Manusia-manusia Renta, Karena Keromantisannya

(dengan ralat sana sini :p)

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Sesungguhnya. .

Perempuan tidak perlu mendekati lelaki untuk mengetahui siapakah yang Allah takdirkan untuk dia. Yang Allah takdirkan untuk kita akan tetap datang walau kita mengelaknya. Peliharalah maruah agar dengannya kita boleh menuntut janji, bahwa lelaki yang baik adalah untuk wanita yang baik. .

June 18th

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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

it's for you, yeah you

I was planning to broke up with my boyfriend just a couple days ago and when finally I have perfectly the right time to say it, I suddenly err.... change my mind? you can called me stupid for letting me live in this awkward life, where I in a second can be such a miserable woman with teardrops in face but in the next second I can forget all the unhappiness and become a laughing and laughing weirdo like a kid watching some clown shows.

you know what, he's not like all the pretty boys out there, with charming face, charming looks, charming clothes, charming wealth (?) he's not kind of smart guy who can always make any girl fall in love with in a sudden, OR that glamorous young man, with many expensive gadgets and full of pockets. no. actually he's not my type of guy, BUT he really touches my weaknesses side of falling in love. crazy and humorous.

it's really hard to find someone that really match your mind, it's hard to find a man full of catch which can fulfill your needs everytime. but it's harder to find someone who can really make you smile even when you don't want to. when you are on your great anger, have so many difficulties, problems, and stressful kind of life. even when you are real mad at him, you can control your emotion when he started to throw some jokes, stupid talks about himself, people around, or anything. it's like all your unhappiness things fade away.

maybe he's not a good boyfriend. really, I have to admit it (and you too, fools! :D this is for you) you are a very very bad boyfriend ever. you never listened to what I thought, you never care if there's something good or bad happened to me, you never give me such a love-support or something like that, you never buy me this and that, you never said that you love me, miss me, or even need me -_______- (this is bad, real baaaaaaaaad), you always think that it's okay not to look after me for several days (or weeks!), you are the most unromantic guy I ever met and your English is what-so-ever.

but you know what, I love you by loving all your weaknesses. by loving the things that I hate about you. eventhough youre not really smart but for me you are brlliant! eventhough youre never treat me in any romantic way, but for me you are indefenetely romantic in your own way.

do you know why I just can't say no to break up with you? because I love you? no. because I need you? no...... because I want to be with you. I want to stay longer with you. I want to be there for you when you need to share your life with. I want to make you feel better. make you better in the real words. and from now I'll love you in the simplest way, give without take. I want to be with you much longer. long enough until we don't have to love within the distance. we don't have to do this LDR thingy anymore. Amin :)

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

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Thursday, June 02, 2011

Omuniuum, yayyy!

finallyyyy I won something for the first time of my lifeeeeeee! yippeeeee, gonna have this thingy as a prize from my lovely music store's twitter account @omuniuum. you know, it seems like yesterday when I asked my college friend, Nana, where the omuniuum store is. I followed that account on twitter but I have no idea where the specific location is and also, I am in the real need of buying my favorite musician/band, Sarasvati's music album: Story Of Peter and I've heard something from @InfoBandung and @forumbandung that Omuniuum have the CDs.

I'm planning to visit the store next month, but right now, unpredictably, I win that CD for freeeeeee! you know, I was like screaming and yelling like crazy when I read the tweet from my cellphone. still in the unbelievably feeling, I turn my computer on and open the twitter web only to make sure of what I see is completely true. and it defenitely is... I win! yayyyyy! you can see this twitpic if you think I'm not serious:

so I'm going to go to the store tomorrow, I still don't really know where the exact place is, but my sissy said that it is exactly in front of Universitas Parahyangan. hmm hmmm hmmmmmm.... I really can't wait for the prizeeeeee... yeah! I'm gonna posted the photos here as soon as I received the prize! life is sooooooooooo great :)

thankyou for reading,
Tuesday, June 07, 2011

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