Monday, December 02, 2013


hi there, what's on earth? you don't know how busy (or pretend to be busy?) I am. school assignments and things. actually when I said 'things' it means the portfolio thingy. it is the 5th portfolio I made for the final assignments of the fashion design subjects. although it was the fifth times but I never get used with it and always end up being rushed with deadline. but finallyyyyy, I can make it on time *sujud syukur* and now I have a free time for myself to hunt a wifi connection around cafe and coffee shop near neighborhood.

I'm so into hanging out lately. with my current lovely buddies Andre, Ajeng, Dzul, Mia, and friends... (cannot mention all of them but I mean all of my class buddies) we often visit several cafes, restaurants, or coffee shops around Bandung and enjoying glasses of milkshake, squash, mojito, and other delightful beverages while we chat and laugh and chat and laugh again. I'm surely will do the review for the places I visit on the previous month to fulfill my newest interest about culinary thingy (the place, obviously) for the next posts.

not really in mood for writing, I'd better posted eye-candy pictures here.
see you around.