Thursday, October 24, 2013

the *piip* thingy

you know what, after attending after my cousins ​​wedding ceremonial three days in a row, I can't stop thinking about marriage, wedding, and so on. I really really want to get married as soon as possible with my dream man. I know I'm still a young 21 years old kid, and even my college thingy isn't over yet but I just can't avoid thinking about the wedding thingy out of my mind. I saw a beautiful wedding and that makes me become more motivated to make my wedding day even better. I've even thought about what the wedding,  theme that will be used, design my own wedding gown, the venue, photographers, and so on. I know it's too soon to think about it, and also only God Knows if I am paired with the man who right now become my lover or not (but I really hope so). but on the other hand I really want to get married to this guy very soon and live happily ever after. he's my happiness.. I can't share the love and even the hate with anybody but this guy. right now I only can start things with dreaming, but soon, will make these things reality. soon. promise. amin..