Monday, June 24, 2013

Sweet Afternoon Date

Richeese Factory's Red Velvet Cheesecake-in-a-jar. yumm!

thanks for the awesome date!
In this post: Me, and boyfie.
Location: Paris Van Java (PVJ) Bandung

#latepost My Precious 21st Birthday Blaaaast!

 thank you boyfie for beautiful cake, presents, and love! I love you! :*
cheesecake from Cizz
 the floral Docmart shoes as the present. oh how I love you sooooo much dear :)
 I said, "the best birthday ever!" :))

(It had to be) April 9th 2013

#latepost meet up my belated highschool friends!

although we live in the same city, it's real hard for us just to spare times to meet each other. but finallyyyyy, we had time. I don't really remember the exact date (hehe) but at least we were giving each other a good time. spent the morning at Dago Car Free Day and the noon at Ciwalk (hey Riri minta foto-foto Ciwalknya dong hehe) make me remember the good old times and realize how fast time has running. Riri will finished her degree at Unpad this year, and Ellen would be busy with her KKN things so it would make us harder to see each other on these days. I hope I will see you soon my dearest buddy!

In this post: Ellen Sapriliani Fajri, Ridha Rizki Karimah

#latepost In The Moment of Indonesia Fashion Week 2013

 our VIP invitation card :)
 group of fellas from HIMATTEKS for IFW 2013
pastel stuff everywhere! 
with Miaaa

update update

Okay, I've been became a very bad blogger. It's almost like... I don't know, 4 months since I post things in this blog normally. I even almost forgot that this confession page does exist. How I miss writing in this blog so much. I really want to share things! Let's make it quick: bad things happen all the time. It started with my new Android phone, and after I buy it for like a month, and it's suddenly broken. T_T my bad of course. I let it 'swim' in the pool of perfume. It died eventually, and it takes almost 3 months to find somebody who can fix the phone back to normal. and finally, I got it!!!! My social life finally safe. hehe

After this post I will post some photos from some occasions I attend during my hibernate days. this geek girl is totally back :)

see you.