Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Report From Zeantika Wedding

hello... Indonesian post nih hehehe udah lama ga blogging pake Bahasa. mau pake Inggris grammarnya ngaco, nanti kalimatnya jadi gak indah deh. oh iya mau report nikahannya Teh Ira 6 Juni kemarin. oke, itu memang sudah hampir 3 minggu yang lalu, tapi berhubung baru sempet sekarang, dan juga foto2nya baru beredar di Facebook, jadi yaa... just enjoy the pictures above now :)

the beautiful akad...
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our big family
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welcoming the Bride and the Groom
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amazing entrance by ARQ WO Dancers..
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the orchestra:
A' Iwan, and the band (from WO)
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pager ayu dan pager bagus :)
(pager ayu are cousins, and pager bagus are Bara's friends)
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our beloved cousins:
Yulin Ariesanti
Monika Paramitha Hans Putri
Mariska Tamara Hans Putri
Qisthie Cinintya
Farissa Sabrina Qasthari
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the gorgeous Bride
Antika Marilis Dezetha
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cucu dan cicit Ibu...
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ini piala bergilir sepupu2...
pertama dari Mbak Ika-Mas Firman,
Teh Ira-A Zean... terus siapa lagi yaaa hihi ;))
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
cantiknya Wa Yayah
serasinya Wa Nina dan Wa Yeyen
cantiknya Mbak Ika dan Fildzah
lucunya Cetta, Fildzah, dan Nisa
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what a beautiful wedding! terima kasih untuk satu hari yang menakjubkan itu. selamat menempuh hidup baru, semoga bahagia selalu sepupu! cepet punya bayi yah aku pengen momong ponakan hihi. selamat bergaul dengan uwa2 dan bibi2 yah lebaran tahun ini, jatah celengannya buat aku aja hahaha.

selamat bergabung dengan Bani Hasan Ali ya A Zean. selamat ber riweuh2 dan berpusing ria ngadepin uwa2, om dan tante2, spupu2, dan keponakan2 yang banyaaaaak ini hihi pasti lebaran nanti tambah rame. jangan lupa ngisi uang buat celengan juga yah asiiiik... pasti zeruuuuuuuu!!

I my family :)

June, 23rd

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Today is June 20th, and June 24th is coming faster. Well, no need to wait until the day, but all I want to say is, Y....... We're better off this way.

Thankyou so much for the amazing 5 months. 6 months? Or 7? Whatever... You're the best, really. I never found someone that's better than you. The days with you were like in heaven. You make me see wonderful things, you did so many amazing things, and make me realized that life is tough, and I must become a tough girl to stay in life. You ask me to learn how special the word 'love' and 'loyal' is. You showed me more love than the word itself, and showing me the real loyalty better than anyone.

You have helped me A LOT. I can't take it back to you everything you had given to me. It's not stuffs, not expensive goods, or luxurious things. But you have given me so many beautiful memories.... And that's totally enough, and maybe more than I expected. I never feel so blessed and loved like I'm with you. Thankyou so much....

Every beginning should have an ending, but actually this isn't the end. This is another beginning, as a friend. If you still want to... Please, remain me as your friend. Since we started it with a very good friendship, must be ended with good friendship too.

There's no regret, for being yours on this couple months. You're the best guy I ever know, from old times. Though everything has changes, I know that you'll still be the same. And also me.. I'm still the old me, thankyou.

So thankyou for the wonderful 5 months. Have a new amazing life there, in the new town. You may forget about me, but don't forget our memories. We would die without it.. Goodbye dear love.

Aulia Yudha Hidayat

June, 20th

Friday, June 18, 2010


Hello world.. Finally I'm back in town after doing SNMPTN last 3 days. Well, I'm not going to talk about SNMPTN because it's all over and I'm not really sure with the result. I always hope for a good one, whatever the result is..

Anyway, I want to talk about my cat. I think he's ill. He's so not as attractive as usual and his fur getting darker and ugly. I don't know why, maybe he ate the wrong treat. Or maybe he's getting older? But I really sure that Kevin is in an unwell condition. Me and my family get to be a little worry about him. Especially my little brother. Maybe we should take him to doctor to check up his health.

Well, I rarely write on blog lately. I feel so less inspiration these days. Lazy to think, lazy for work....... Everything. However, the college thingy will come less than 3 months and also the Japanese Scholarships test is just a month left. But I haven't prepared for it so much. Feel so lazy to walk outside, to face people, eventhough I missed my bestfriends so much. My Genka, my Jokers, and everyone. Sigh. Lazy lazy lazy lazy laaaaaaaazy!!

It's Saturday afternoon, and I'm still doing nothing in my room. Sometimes reading my favorite childhood books, and watching some dvds. Yah, currently I'm so into Alice in Wonderland so much. Why oh why, I just love the pictures.. The adventureland.. The creatures.. The gowns.. The Red Queen and like someone says '2 gendut cebol kembar'. Hahaha. The world at Alice's world is just wonderful. That's why it calls Wonderland. Well.. What I do wrote about then?

This is so random. Since this long and boring holiday pissed me off, everyday is just like Sunday. Totally flattty! Ah! I really want to started my college life very mery soon. Please give me much business thru this rendezvous lazy days..

So random. Goodbye now.

June, 19th

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Adorable Young Brother

Hello pals.. How's your weekend? Is it nice? Well, mine is not that special though, but I enjoyed the time lying on my bed, continuing reading Freefall (and I HAVE finished it now! Yayyy! Finally!), watching television, reading magazines, playing my dearest PlayStation 2.. Yah. That's what I called 'a life'. Since yesterday I have nothing necessary to do, relaxing is my great plan.

But.. Wait. Yesterday is Sunday, right? And today is Monday. Tomorrow is Tuesday, and the next day is Wednesday! June 16th! What does it mean? It means.. SNMPTN is on it way out. It's just 2 days left and I'm oh so NOT ready yet! I mean.. I have studied routine and daily everyday. Though it's just for 3-4 hours a day, at least I have study what usually given on the test. Nonetheless it was so not enough! Blah.. My math is so bad. Until now, I never understand why math did exist in this life? People are not going to count on everything on their lifetime, right? I'm trully so into design and language thing. And computer too.. If there's no math at all.

Anyway, got a good news from my lil'brother Lazuardi today. Guess what, he passed the UASBN and got the highest score at his school! Super wowww. And the most amazing thing is.. He got a 10 on math. Very ironic. It looks like accounting thingy from my mom, come to him. And me just got the Social International Relation from my father. Well, that explained everything. But wait.. I ever be the smart kid too when I was on Elementary School. And also I'm still good too until now. *complimenting myself.

What I don't understand from my brother is.. He never studied at all! The day before the UASBN thingy, he still lying in front of his PlayStation and playing 'til nobody can stop it. Maybe he learn things too fast. He doesn't like messing around with his school friends. He'd prefer play with me. PlayStation or gameonline on PC. Or maybe just read over and over again our book collections. And he also read the Freefall, hahahaha. Playing with our cat, Kevin, is his favorite thing lately.

Well, that is quite good. It's better not to let him played unusual activities outside. If his friends want to ask him out, my brother just refuse it and let them just playing playstation in our house. Seems like he's gonna be an adorable young man later huh? Hahaha. If it comes so, I'll be so proud of being his lovely sister. Xixixi..

my adorable young brother ;)

Anyway, it's better for me to take a bath and continue studying. Since I want to live in Bandung so much, this SNMPTN thingy is quite not into my mind lately. Okay, have a nice day everyone. Have a great Monday!

June, 14th

Friday, June 11, 2010


Hello, good morning everyone. Currently in a good mood for writing, but somehow just can't decided what would I wrote about.

My head is full with oh so many things. It's June 12th, and two days ago I've just celebrated my last anniversary day with Yudha at June 10th. You know, it's real hard to make a relationship with someone but you know it will ended very mery soon. It's like 2 weeks left before it's all over. Good news is lately I have been controlled myself not to think about him too much and face this thing like it was nothing. And it works, pals. I'm not feel the pain so much like the first time, though I know that it hurts me too sometimes. But at least I HAVE successed for being real and tough girl. Because I know, if we ended this love relationshit in a right way, the other best way will show up next in our future. We only have to be patient, and let God do the rest thing. I do love Yudha. Can't deny it. I know he does too. Until now, he still always saying that sweet words for me. But the real fact is, it's so hard for us to get together. There are so many differences between us. Maybe we belong to each other, and making a very good friendship thingy like we did before. I'm not saying that this relationship goes wrong. I'm happy with my life with him yesterday, and also him. But now, I don't feel things are the same anymore. Each of us has been changed A LOT. Maybe it's because the college thing that waiting in front of us. And we are not ready to face that with keeping this unwell relationship. This is our decision. No one to be blamed of and we really can accept this in a good way. It's better for us for being bestfriends. In the friendship thingy there is no 'split' right? No need to call the 'ex friends' or 'no longer bestfriends'. Friendship belongs to anyone and I think it's surely the best way of choose for us. Hope we all got it right.. Amin.

Actually, personally I think distance is not something necessary that blocked the couples way on their relationship. There are so many people out there which is do the LDR thing with unserious problems. For my beloved couple friends, do not give up for this situation. Don't let something get in your way stopped everything. Love is a very special thing. We must keep it right or everything will be broken very soon. Patient and trust is the key. Keep trust your guy/girl and be patient if there's something that goes out of plan. Well, this just what I learn for the past haha. Just saying, no need to take this seriously if you don't want to.

Anyway I won't looking for the other man nowadays. I believe in God that someday He will give me a very nice guy who will be my guy for the rest of my life. I mean, I do like some guys around too. There's one guy that I adore so much! Hahaha. He must be laughing like crazy if he read this. I have been told him my feeling. He just laugh and say that it's not strange because there are so manya people adoring him. Just like I did. Haha. But its no way for me to liking him more than this before it's all over. But if it's already done, I think I might be like him. Hahahahaha.

Okay, this is just a heart-beat post. I just wanna share what messing on my mind lately. Ah ya, maybe I will not write daily like usual, because SNMPTN is getting closer and closer (on June 16th and 17th) so I must prepare for this test seriously. Please pray for my luckiness people. I do need it so much.

And oh! Have I told you that I will do the MONBUKAGAKUSHO Scholarships from the Japanese Governments on the next Jully? I always want to study abroad. Anywhere. I'd prefer USA and Europe Countries though but I think Japan is so okay, for the beginning. Hope later I could go to France for continuing my design study there. Amin.. Okay, too much dreaming. Reality check! Haha.

The MONBUKAGAKUSHO test is only Math and English because I choose a program for Diploma 2 (3 years, 1 year is for learning for Japanese culture and language). You know, it's kinda difficult and I'm really need friends to help me out. The one who good at Math (I think I know who) and the one who's very good at English (wondering I know too.. Haha). After SNMPTN and ITB test (at June 27th) I will started to study for this seriously.

Ok, that's all what I need to say in this early morning (its 6.04am). Gotta go now, preparing for today's activities. Catchya later peeps, thankyou for reading! Have a nice day! :)

June, 12nd

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

It's So Nothing

hello.. finally my internet modem is baaaaaack, and I'm ready for another project on this lovely goddamned blog. I'm planning to have a new blog, specialized for my shopping thing. I wondering for making a new online shop for my stuffs. okay, I'm failed to sell it on my own and I hope internet would do it better. at least I have sell some of them this week, and I'm still hoping for more succesful bussiness in my college later.

errrrgh... I don't know but noon really not my time for blogging. I feel so less inspiration and maybe downloading or watching movies are much better that write right now. I'm craving for movieeeees... yes, movie is a part of my soul and I love watching anything of it.

just wanna say hi, after hibernated. talk to you later!

June, 10th
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Tuesday, June 08, 2010


Good afternoon fellas.. I'm back in town! How's your days guys? Hope you have the good one. Just like me!

Hihi first of all, have you realized that the weather goes totally well lately. It's cloudy but not raining. The sun shines as bright as usual but not as hot as hell like always. Suddenly I'm falling for Cirebon xixi.

Anyway I wanna say, Congratulations for my beloved sister Antika Marilis Dezetha and her lovely husband Zean Wirahadiningrat a.k.a Zean Maggot!! The wedding is on Sunday and it was super awesome! Love it so much. Watching these people married, makes me feel wanna get married very soon! Huahahahaha. I'll be the Queen of the day! That will be so cool.. yeahh *wink wink.

I have a bad, bad, bad thinks on my mind. I know this isn't right. I feel like an evil while think about it. Shit. I must control myself, but my ego really wanted it soooo much! What is it? Trust me, you don't really wanna know it jahaha.

Writing on my cellphone right now. I know this post is totally random. Need to go now, goodbye! Thanks for reading :)

June, 8th

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Everything's Just Wonderful

Hello pals! It's me! Well, currently in a very good mood tonight. Xixi, I'm crazy about this wedding thingy on my cous' crib. There are a LOT of people in here. It's fine because the wedding is tomorrow and I'm way too excited with this! Totally.. The wedding would be zuper awesome, and the bride would be zuper beautiful, and also the groom. And also the 'pager ayu' hahaha. There's an issue that we would wear hijab for tomorrow. Yah, I've just hear it and I think it's so okay, because I don't wanna let anyone ruined my ugly sigly hair! Na-ah.

Anyway, been in a terribly good day today. Went to school to met Astri. Thankyou sweetie for buying my new product. Thanks for appreciate it that much. Thats a very kind of you.. And oh I went to met Adit and Agung too. We never hang out lately, and I wanted Clash of the Titans so bad! They're just too kind for going with me to watch the movie. And the film is so COOL! Totally. I'll talked about this later then. After that, we went to H.Moel Seafood for having a (late) lunch at about 2pm. Agung pay all of the foods. Thankiess buddy! :D I felt so.. Full.

There's something about today that really makes me want to smile all day long! Omg.. This is too good. I never felt this way before. Can't tell you anyway.. But.. Believe me, this is so good :))

well, I have no much time for talk.. I mean.. Write. The wedding is just tomorrow, and I have to go to bed earlier, so that I could woke up early tomorrow. (it's 12am though). Better get some sleep now. Everything's soooo well. Alhamdulillah. I Love You, Dear God. Thanks for giving me such a bliss today. See you tomorrow!

June, 5th

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Recent Activities and... TinkerBell!

hi there.. just quick post. been in a fascinating yet unpredictable night last night. well, everything's goes well these days Alhamdulillah. thanks for giving me such a wonderful things lately, Ya Allah.

anyway, I'm heading Cirebon again right now. would be the bridesmaid (pembantu pengantin.lol) for my sissy's wedding at Sunday. well, it's going close and closer. I wondering, how does she feel about this thingy. her greatest day would come less than a week! wowww... I love wedding. I love the bride and groom. I love the gown, or even kebaya. and I love the foods! hihihi.

I would like to wear kebaya for the second time, next Sunday. I mean, the second time after being the real me. I often wore those amazing gowns and clothes when I was a kid. well, I will tell you later about my childhood. it's just... awesome! haha. btw, all of my friends and boy that I told about wearing kebaya, they reactions is just like... 'wow, it's no way!' 'LOL' 'be patient kis..' and 'I totally need to see it!' isn't it that strange? well, I'm a girl, and so what if sometimes I wore the beautiful outfits like that? haha. I know it's defenitely not fit on me. I'm an effortless one.

recently watch this very cute movie btw:

Tinkerbell and The Lost Treasure

just like all Disney Fairies movies, this film is full of fantasy, dreams, and imaginary world. it's so... fairytale. so beautiful. I always love fairies, princesses, and anything cute because I'm trully a daydreamer. and watching those beautiful things make me fees like it's real. aaaah... I wanna live in such a fairyland like that. ooooh maybe in Alice's wonderland. that just good! and pretty, and beautiful, and amazing. ssssssssshhh, I'm dreaming again...

anyway this is the second Tinkerbell movies that I saw. the first one is, Tinkerbell The Beginning, then this Lost Treasure. not as good as the first one I guess. but that's okay. even more, the young Tinkerbell had found her best-boy-friend ever who always on her side. its Terence. and you know what, Terence's voices is dubbed by the cute guy Jesse McCartney. how cool is that? hahaha.

Tinkerbell and Terence

The Fairy Hollow girls. cuuuuute =3

that just wonderful. it released on 2009 already, but I just have time to watched it now. do you like fairies too peeps? if you said so... this movie is a must see one! haha. enjoy your holiday....

my current plan is... watching Clash of the Titans! wowww... it must be cool. can't wait to see it. dear boy, get well soon please. and... hurry. hehehe.

that's it, bye for now. thankyou for reading. write to you later ;;)))

May 3rd
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Wednesday, June 02, 2010


Vierra - Seandainya

Kala kau kan menjalani hidupmu sendiri
melukai kenangan yang tlah kita lalui
yang tersisa hanya aku sendiri disini
kau akan terbang jauh menembus awan…
memulai kisah baru tanpa diriku…

Seandainya kau tahu…
ku tak ingin kau pergi
meninggalkanku sendiri bersama bayanganmu
seandainya kau tahu…
akukan slalu cinta
jangan kau lupakan kenangan kita slama ini

for someone that will be going too far.
me... miss you :'(

June, 2nd
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Imperfect Memories

Dear God,

I feel so content. I am happy for all the imperfection I have and how I live such an imperfect life. Not everything is right, not everyone is okay. I am not okay. But I am happy that way. I am grateful that you bless me with an open heart to allow the bitterness of days. And I am thankful to know that perfection does not exist. Therefore, I am normal.

Dear God,

Why do we wake up if we are to sleep? Why do we live if we are to die? Why do we meet if we are to say goodbye? Sometimes I don’t get it. Most of the times I don’t like it. But I know, this all teaches us something. That time is a constraint. That time is unavoidable. That time is unstoppable. And that humans will never everlastingly win. When we understand that, we then realize that nothing is more important than enjoying our days and make the people around us happy. So when time may no longer exist, people will remember us. And they smile when they do so. As beautiful memories.

Dear God,

As always, I enjoy talking to You...good night...:)

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June 2nd


Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The Awesomeness of June the 1st

Hello world. . Sorry for NOT made any post yesterday. I've been in a very busy day. Went to school, met my beloved Jokers, and selling the necklaces things to Rizka. Wow.. It's just amazing. I never wondered that my own product would be sold that fast. She brought 3 pieces, and that is about 45000 rupiah. Thankyou so much dear Rizka! Hope you'll be a very good doctor soon :) and also me, would be your doctor suit designer! Hahaha. Is that possible?

Anyway, I wasn't saw my boy yesterday. He was ill, you know. He got cough and flu, so he can't went to school yesterday. Eventhough there's no him, I'm not that lonely because my buddies are in there! Rizka, Okky, Rahmawati, Suciana, Aghista, Syaoqi, Gian, Kevin, Hudi, Mizan, and Fajar. And also my Kiky, Gina, Ellen, and Riri (since I can't found Fio anywhere). This is life. And I'm way too happy yesterday. . With no reason. Strange isn't it? Huahahaha.

We signed the 3 fingers sign at TU, and well.. The headmaster of the school has been changed. No longer Pak Eman, but the new one. He made a rule not to send the students home earlier every 1st day of month, just like Pak Eman usually did. Well.. Poor them then. And the new headmaster's sign is.. so.. weird. Well it much looks like a grass than a handsign. Hahaha, I'm sorry.

After finished the signing thing, some of us (me, Rizka, Syaoqi, Fajar, and Kevin) went to Starnet to see Mas Ame, the photographer that handle us at the yearbook photoshoot several months ago. There is something wrong with the file. It's corrupt, or broken, or cannot be opened, or anything. Kevin said that he wanted to buy a dvd raw first to save the file, but I said that maybe it's available in Starnet too. So we go there with no motorcycle. But.. Well, there's no dvd at all. Everyone blame it on me, and I just felt so sorry to Kevin. Because he must go back and find the dvd thingy somewhere. I know that was my fault, so sorry..

Kevin went out, and we waited inside. Mas Ame borrowed Kevin's guitar and playing some good songs. Me and Rizka are enjoying that much while waiting. Well.. Not bad at all hahaha.

After Kevin arrived, we asked Mas Atmar to burn it on dvd. We are waiting.. and wait.. and wait.. and talking so much random things, disturbing some JHS girls when they come to GET, and anything. But after waited for so long, tadaaaaaa the dvd can't be burned. Ssssiggh.. It just can be copied on flashdisk. Well, that's okay, better than nothing, right? We back to school then.

Suddenly me and Rizka felt hungry. That's 2pm already and we haven't ate anything at all. So we decided to have a late lunch. But there is no food left at the school canteen! Hell what.. Finally we went to KFC and having lunch there. Met some school friends anyway. After finished eating, Rizka went for doing her course and I went home. Oh before that, I went to Intan to bought some cool things. I spent 30000 rupiah for the whole little things :( ooh it's way too much!

Yesterday was quite fun, though I'm pretty tired back then. The night before, I slept only for 3 hours caused by the project thingy that I made. And ooooh.. My internet modem is broken! And it feels like hell! I can't browse, I can't blog.. I posted this only from my cellphone. Ohhh please, bring my internet modem back :'( my internet, my world, my life. Okay, that's sound autistic. Of course I'm not that internet whore peeps.. I just love my blog so much. This is my life. I'm a very easy-to-forget person and with this page, I can remember everything and make it immortal! Haha that's weird.

Okay, its 8 in the morning and I'm still sleepy =_____= since there is no meaningful planning for today, I think I'll going back to sleep right now.

So that's it people, enjoy your Wednesday! It's June anyway! Have you made a June to-do-list? Nope? Well.. Try some! Absolutely fun!
I'll catch you later peeps, thankyou for reading :)

June 2nd