Thursday, November 15, 2012

somebody that I used to know


peach to peaches

in this photo:
peach shirt
brown baggy pants
brown leather shoes
light brown polka scarf
brown leather bag with lace
Giorgio Armani tote bag 


feeling piglet




 went to Nishkala Sarasvati Concert last November 1st. firstly, I don't really think will go to the concert. besides I don't have much money for the concert, because I realized that my fashion show thingy will costs a lot. but then I think again that I don't wanna feel sorry for not attending one of my favorite band just like a year before. so as soon as I arrived in Bandung from my day off in my house, I'm looking forward to the store that sell the presale tickets of the concert such as Omuniuum, Screamous, Ouval Research, etc. but too bad the tickets are getting depletion, and even sold out in Om. but luckily I got a news from twitter that RSCH still have many. so as soon as I got permission from my man, Cina, the one who will accompany me to watch the concert, I drive fast to RSCH. umm... fear of running out tickets again hahaha. but then yaaaay, I finally got the tickets!

the tick-tick-tick-tick-tickets! :)

  the concert was really epic! I'm not sorry for spent my 75k for the concert and absolutely for the book also: Maddah. what an unforgettable night! well then, enjoy the pics :)
the queue of ticket box on the spot. luckily I got that pre-sale!

the great mysterious entrance
enjoy the concert with Ikie and Mbew also! :)
after the concert. cheeeeeeeeeeeeese! :)

the man that squire me that night. thanks love  ♥
with Ikie and Mbew. photo taken by Cina.
is this mysterious enough? ;:)
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november greeting

well, I gust I didn't make any post during October. call me a lazy blogger, but you won't understand how I struggle to fight my days on my 5th semester. lot of things happened, the bad and the good. but I always trying to face it all with smile, hoping that I'll get my misery pay off someday. whatever it will be... it's November already, the end of semester will come really really soon! so I gotta get myself well-prepared for my final exam. fyi, my final exam will be a fashion show. 3 ready-to-wear collection and must be designed, patterned, sewed, by our own. waaaaaaaaaa, lots of things to do! wish me luck ppl :)

have a good november