Sunday, May 30, 2010

Movie Time!

heyyoooo it's me again... and again... and again. hahaha maybe I'm addicted to blog these days. yep, holiday syndrome. have nothing to do, and blogging always make up my mood. really! do you have one guys? try it! you won't regret. haha

having another lazy day today. I've spent this day by watching some dvds. here it goes:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Hachiko, a Dog's Story

it was the most beautiful dog movies I ever seen! I never loved dog movies. you know, it's kinda weird to see those dogs are talking and barking and have a real connection with people. not even Air Bud or Beverly Hills Cihuahua. I never understand why... but after watching this one, I wanna say that I LOVE MY PET SO MUCH! this movie told us about love, loyalty, happiness, and reality. if I were Hachiko, I think I would never do the same thing. why don't we just move along, and go with new owner, than waiting for someone we loved that would never come back. that was the real loyalty is. I am loyal, and I think I will wait, for 2 until 9 years for someone we loved, just like Hachi did.

I know this is an old movie, but I just have time to watch it now. I know from Suciana that this is kinda a really saaaaaaaad movie, but when I know that it tells about a dog, I'm not too excited anymore. but then I was wrong. this is a really good movie :D worth to watch. but still... I 'd prefer Cats than Dogs. ha ha ha.

and I also watch this one:

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Kick Ass

Kick Ass. a superhero comedy movie. well, the story isn't that great, but it's so entertaining. I can't stop laughed during the movie. the story tells about a superhero that cannot be a hero. he got nothing but just the costume. but Kick Ass is not the only superhero at that time. there are still Big Daddy and her daughter Hit Girl, and also friend-enemy of Kick Ass, Red Mist. and you know what, the little Hit Girl is way too cuuuute :3 and she is totally cool while playing with the guns and knife. Hit Girl, or Mindy is an 11 years old kid with a 25 years old man superpower. absolutely awesoooomeness!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
she really has a very very cute face! ooooh... envy her :(

but I don't like the superheroes' costumes. it's silly and so uncool. and I hate the music background of the movie. it's way too... pop. or too rock. or too funny. and sometimes it's don't match at all with the whole scene. but as a teenage comedy, I recommended this one for cheering you up while stuck with your problem. enjoy it peeps :)

and the last one:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

a very huge movie of course. with large budget and amazing special effects, this one is totally recommended. maybe you all have watched this, and also me. I watched this at the Cinema about several months ago. I just accompany my lil'brother watching this masterpiece. 3 hours felt nothing when you enjoyed the whole story, the whole actions, the whole effects... this is so WOW!!!

I spent my 7hours for watching this good movies and I enjoyed it so much. especially because I watched it with my brother. well... we rarely have some kind of time like this. maybe tomorrow I will spend my day for playing PlayStation 2 with him. family time!! Tekken time! hahah.. my favorite wrestling game ever =))

anyway, I don't want to talk about the shit anymore. I have to keep my mouth shut if I don't wanna get any trouble of it. keep it kis! save it for yourself.

it's 10.26pm... I've got dizzy, caused by late-night sleep everynight. better hit the bed earlier tonight. see ya peeps! I'll catch you later tomorrow. bye..

May 30th

More and More

hello Gute Nacht everyone.. it's me again. I post something (again) today, as my promise yesterday. I've made more necklaces this afternoon.. it's about 6 or 7 pieces. but there are still 2 pieces left that I haven't captured. let see this good things peeps:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
X Ribboned Denim

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Zipped Buttons

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Brown Cult

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Flowery Heart Liontin

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Messy Mixed Fringe

and... this one is upgraded.

Image and  video hosting by TinyPic

into this!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

it's cuter right? xixixi. now it has 2 sided on front and back. yeahhh.

well... I have satisfied enough with what I got now. you know it feels like proud of yourself and so happy for what you've done. I hope my family would appreciate it, it's my biggest wish :)

out for now. bye....

PS: for all of you who get interested with my stuffs, just feel free to contact me :) thankyou.

May 30th

Saturday, May 29, 2010


I don't know what happened to me tonight, I just feel unstable. anyway lately I've been in a very very busy day with my family. I currently enjoyed it so much, but it makes me barely seen my boy. he didn't text me anything today... and also yesterday. well actually he did, but only if I text him first. I don't mind it, seriously, but sometimes I want him to care a little to me. hmmm... I mean, a lot. I'm in a very unstable condition so I need him so much. I know the things become so different right now. we will over very soon, and I don't even want to think about it anymore. so what if we're over? he's not die yet, right? I still can meet him, though we're not in that relationshit thing anymore. and... I'm still love him, really. but being friends is the best way to do now. well, we're not over yet right now, but I said like everything has come to end. I think... I need... habituation.

hmmm... I wanna make some advice for the ones who had a relationship with someone but she/he can't take it seriously. just wanna play around and have fun. please... stop being jerk like me yesterday. someday if you lost it all... lost someone that loves you the most... you'll be the one who feel sorry for wasting your time not to care about him/her. and your life will be full of regrets. just like me :( I'm so sorrrryyyyyyyy..........

I'm still 18, and still have so many ways to go. I'm gonna run for my passion and reach my dreams. love, is just a bonus price of life. you won't get lost if you don't have any of it. I'm still have my perfect main family that really loves me so much, people that I don't wanna disappointing for. beautiful friends that doesn't need to much talked but always be there beside me. and always you, the best bestfriend I ever had. I will not forget you forever. figggggght kis! I will not cry for him anyway. because my tears would only make him smile :) hmmm. just like Lily Allen's song, Smile! hahahaha.

my lil'bro has turned off his PlayStation 2 and heading to bed. hmm, I think I should get some sleep right now. there are still many things that I must do tomorrow.

goodbye for now. see you later peeps!

May 30th

My Unsimple Life

hi... it's me again. late night post, just can't throwing myself into dreamworld. actually I've been waited for something. or someone? yep, I mean something for someone. well, I wanna share something personal here because I want to. I need something to keep my story. but it's hard to find someone in this late night. and even it isn't night, I don't know who I want to talked with. there are so much secrets in my life. my family life, my love life, even my personal life has been fulled with secrets. it's not that easy to keep a secret. it's not right for being a fake person. I don't want it, but the situation said so. I have a very (un)simple life. there are so many ups and downs. always been in a very hard situation, makes me feel like wanna kill myself, and it's so hard for 'trying' or 'pretending' to be a normal person living in a very normal life like the crowds. sometimes it's getting harder day by day.but I always tried to be ok. to be fine, to joins with others in their pretty fun life. well, I already have that kind of type life at the past. now I have to face the realty which is not as good as you thought. not as good as you saw on my face. I'm not that though, guys. I'm fragile. I try not to show it. not to make you're all worried about me. asking for your sympathy. well, I don't need that. at least I'm still have My Great Allah. He always there for me. listen to my pray, beside me when I'm alone. give me strength and support to face the miserable things surround me. yes... I'm weak... I'm sad... I'm lonely... but no one can't cheers me up. only me and God who can fixed up everything. I'd pray to You... God. please help... me.... :'(

May 30th

Follow my blog with bloglovin

Follow my blog with bloglovin


Holiday Craft Project

hello girls, as I promised yesterday, I'll post some of my handmade necklace pictures. anyway, kinda like it soooo much. after all these handmade thing is not as hard as you think before. just use the useless things and a little creativity this stuff will become an amazing thing! trust me.

have just went shopping to some sewing shops this afternoon and bought many many beautiful materials for making the craft. you know, I've wasted money for 100.000 rupiah or more. woooow I know it's sooooo over. but there's no regret because I can produced so many amazing stuffs from them. yayyyyy... good takes cost, right? lol. take a look at the things I've got today:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
the basic materials

and it all turning into this good♥♥:
click at images to enlarge :)

Image and video hosting by TinyPicRata TengahIndian Fringe

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Ruffle Fabric Diamante

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Brown Roped

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Round Zipper

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
2 Points Zipper

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Ruffle Fringed Denim

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Basic Fringe

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Big Denim Ribbon

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Classic Flower Ribbon

what do you think peeps? isn't it cool enough? yes, I think it's quite cool for a beginner like me. and you know that I made all of this stuff just about 2 days, and there are still 5 more that I haven't captured it yet. because they are still on the making and haven't finished yet. I'm planning to show it to the family gathering soon, at my cous Antika's wedding day. maybe they would buy some? or Wa Nina would take it to her sissy's Boutique for more marketing place. hahahaha. It's way too much, but.. who knows, right?

well, I'm not that good for selling things. unlike my Mom and sissy Iyulin. she really good at it. she can sell so many things with a very honorable price, and she still can take benefit from it all. a very good profit, so she can buy things she wants with her own money. she did that since she was in High School. just unlike me. I always feel like, I wanna give anyone who can appreciate my stuffs for free. I wanna give, not sell. haha I know this just ain't right, but this is me. maybe I'm good at making things but not for selling it :)

remember when I'm at the 2nd grade of JHS. I selling my mom's chocolate box. yes, I help my mother of course. I sell it to my classmates and I give them so many sale! haha, it makes my mom mad because I let her got loss. hahaha. selling is not my thing for sure.

well, I've just realized that this is Saturday Night, and I'm just hanging in front of my computer, continuing my recipe book project and my catalog thingy. and it's NOT boring at all. I ♥ my computer and I'm not alone. there are Kevin here, and another Kevin somewhere. haha just kidding.

gotta work hard now, I'll see you later peeps. enjoy your Saturday Night. have a great night!

May 29th

Friday, May 28, 2010


anyway, forgive my bad grammar please... I'm still learning and sometimes I don't even care how my grammar hurting people's eyes. I'm sorry... but at least I hope you all understand what I mean on my latest post. I'll learn again soon to make my English skill better. hahaha, wish me luck guys. sorry once more.. :)

May 28th

Sketch Thingy

hola! it's me again... I'm writing too often today haha, it's twice. I wanna share about something that I made today. actually my sissy Yulin asked me to make a design for her Batik fabric on Monday. but I have just finished it now! haha, too lazy to work. but today, I feel like wanna work out, so I decided to do it all by now. here's my sketch. .

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
the classic one
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
long sleeve with pads
(I always want this piece for so long. yawn)

trust me, it's so hard to make it. I've restart this for several times and still not satisfied yet. but at least, I've done my best, and I'm so happy just to see that it's does exist. meawww I love making sketch♥!

and also, I've made my own necklace. it's doesn't mean that I copied Kiky. of course, I have done this long time ago, before she started her own business. and I don't want to selling things like her to my friends. I mean.. I will, but maybe when I'm in college later. hopefully in Bandung, so I can show my expressions real more. for now, I want to use it for myself. well, I love necklace more than everrrrr... it totally can rise up your look, and make it different than other. luckily I've done 6 pieces of necklaces today. hmmm... sounds great right? haha, want to see it? well... I'll post it later guys. I haven't take a picture of it yet. promise, I'll post it tomorrow. just watch peeps... beware. hahahaha.

write to you later guys.. see ya!

May, 28th

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Random Update

hello peeps! I have so much things to do this week. and now it's 0.48am, I haven't sleep at all. you know that I haven't finished Tunnels Trilogy: Freefall. and the owner of the book that I borrowed, Kevin, have reminds me over and over again to collect the book.. and also Iron Man video CD... and also 10.000 BC. I know it's... a lot. but I haven't finished all of them. sorry...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

and I have a job from my mom, to make a recipe book for the very soon-marriage sissy, Antika. well, I have to design it carefully, because she has a good taste of anything and I won't let this book design get in a wrong way. so I must work hard everyday to make this good :D I've got all of the materials from Polyvore. awww, there are so many cute stuffs 'til I can't decided what would I pick for the main design. It's fun to see a very good stuff. worth to try guys :)

anyway I was kinda more sentimental lately. maybe it caused by my period, again. I was feel like, unhappy, easy to get mad, wanna scream and cry over and over again, suddenly feeling loved and blessed, and then being sad again. always like that, repeatedly...

May 25th is such a wonderful yet miserable day for me. it began with the announcement of my latest test and it said that I'm accepted! wow, it's amazing! Thanks Ya Allah for giving me a good news this month. but I'm still not sure, am I would take it or not. on my deeply heart, I want it so much! but still... only God who can decided. just pray for the best. Amiiin...

at noon and night, I have a very complicated conversation with Yudha and it's killing me so much. I cried like crazy and throwing things out of my room. it's kinda silly and stupid, I know. but this pra-period thingy makes me more sentimental than ever! I feel so bored, and tired, and upset, and hating him so much (at that time, but fyi, now we're done well). but suddenly, in the night someone really make up my mood! ooooh... I can't telling you.. really, it's kinda... weird. ssssshhhhh! better shut up my mouth now. xixi... next!

hmmm... what else? I'm currently missing my camdig so much. since it broken, I never taking some good pictures of anything. actually I don't like taking picture of myself too much. I've been realized, I'm not that good at the photo and my face don't even look nice at all. hahaha, maybe I'd prefer taking somoene's pictures. or maybe something..

so, I think that's enough for now. wow, it's 1.35am already, and I'm getting sleepy =___= big thanks to Kevin the cat for accompany me all night. he's kinda a cute cat, now he's lying pleasantly on my lap. xixi. . you'd better find any better place for lying Mr. Cat. me, is not comfort at all. hahaha.

goodnight peeps, thanks for reading. have a good night sleep :)

May 28th

Monday, May 24, 2010

. . .

Maybe hating you would be the best way of choose.
Goodbye dear love.


Wonderful Day

Hello, how's the life goes peeps? Hope you all have the good one, just like mine :)

Went to Bandung last Wed, to do a test for enter a University. And I'm very grateful to God because yes, I can do that straightly, without any meaningful problems. The test result will be posted at the Internet on May 25th. Wait.. It means, today. How's the result? Yaaaaay I'm well excited! I'll tell you later. Bismillah..

And anyway, I currently in Cirebon right now. Damn, it's so hot here! I can't even wore a sleeveless tee if I don't wanna get my arms burns. The sun shines friendly and soooooo much better at my place. But I always miss Cirebon though it has a lot of weaknesses, troubles, miserable memories, and everything. I miss my childhood here, my teenagers life, and how I kicked out of this place. But it's all just past. Everywhere seems nice too, just like Cirebon :)

Went to school by yesterday. Actually I'm home because there will be some documents need to be signed. But the truth is..nope. I go to school with Okky. My classmate and also my Cirebon-neighbor. Haha. We go to school early, at about 8am, but no one come. They're just have arrived after 9am and more. Indonesian habit, you know.. We are talk and talkin too much shit. We don't even know what we actually talked about. If girls are meet up, it goes so crowded, and nothing gonna stop the crowds. Yeah hahaha I love my Joker Ladies. Though it calls Ladies, there were also some boys who joins us yesterday. Such as Syaoqi, Fajar, Hudi, Gian, Mizan, Yudha and Iman. It was fun!

But don't worry, the happiness wouldn't stop just like that. After the classmeeting at school, I go to Gramedia by myself. There's Ellen and Fionita waiting for me. We want to buy my longlasting fellas Gina Ginarti a birthday gift! Yes, it's her birthday. And she invited us all to her house. The most exciting thing is, all my girls would come to her house too. We've never been have a good time with every personil are complete. We watched the Koreans DVD all day! Well actually I don't really understand, why girls are dying for this Drama Serial. I'd prefer western movies though haha. But I will do everything for them, including watching that Mandarin people actings. Haha, that's kinda fun too I guess.

Oh I must introducing my very attractive, talented, and creative girl, Kiky! She made an accessories such as necklace and bracelet. It's all so cute! And the most interesting is, she made it all by herself. Or we usually called it. .handmade. She's so talented. Maybe true that sometimes she copied the design from magazine, and some online stores, but she made it by her own way. I don't know.. Me just envy her for making the beautiful stuff like that. She must joins me in the future for making the hippest store on earth! Hahaha. Amin..
here is some of her collections that I bought that evening:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(actually I don't like the feather too much, well.. but ok)

denim-ribbon with studded necklace

isn't that cute? :D

After havin a wonderful time at Gina's, my Joker mates are making an appointment for playing Karaoke at Inul Vista. Joker crews are come at about 3pm. But they are just the boys. I've been worried if it's only boys who come, and I'm the only girl. But fortunately, the girls come at about 3.30pm.

Its fun to see how many people that come that evening. From Suciana, Okky, Nova, Grace, Rizka, Hana, Aghista, and Me, to Syaoqi, Fajar, Hudi, Mizan, Gian, Yudha, Iman, and Kevin. We all have a good time, we sing, we dance though they're playing some crazy songs. And they're playing poker. .emm gaple at the room! Ssssshhh.. That's pretty embarassing but fun! I've choosed 2 songs. Yes, 2 is enough for much people like that. I sing Vierra-Rasa Ini and OwlCity-Fireflies (featuring we finished it all at about 4.30pm and heading home with the crazy messed up head and body. Sooooooo tiring. But fun! Yeah, I love yesterday. I love my genka. I love my Joker friends. And I love Cirebon!

Bye for now, I'll write to you later! See ya peeps, have a wonderful Tuesday! :D

May 25th

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Untuk semua

taken from Kevin Farerra Lutfiano's Facebook Page.. love this song so much!

Untuk semua
Dibaca dan diresapi yoo..
yang tau lagunya sambil dinyanyikan.. lagunya menyentuh sekali..

Pileuleuyan -sampai jumpa-

Hayu batur, hayu batur..
urang kumpul sarerea..
hayu batur, hayu batur..
urang sosonoan heula..

Pileuleuyan, pileuleuyan..
sapu nyere pegat simpai..
Pileuleuyan, pileuleuyan..
Paturai, patepang deui..

amit mundur, amit mundur..
amit ka jalma nu rea..
amit mundur, amit mundur..
da kuring bade umbara..

Arti :

ayo teman, ayo teman..
kita berkumpul semua..
ayo teman, ayo teman..
kita melepas rindu, bercengkrama sejenak..

Sampai jumpa, sampai jumpa..
Sapu lidi putus ikatnya (arti:Kita pernah berkumpul, dan sekarang berpisah)
sampai jumpa, sampai jumpa..
sekarang berpisah, suatu saat akan bertemu kembali..

pamit dulu, pamit dulu..
berpamitan ke semuanya..
pamit dulu, pamit dulu..
karena saya akan pergi..

semoga nanti kita bisa berkumpul kembali dan menyanyikannya bersama-sama..
sampai jumpa semuanya..

May 21

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Ohayƍ peeps. it's May 19th already and still... I'm just can't sleep. geez, I don't know why but this Internet thingy make me change my sleep time from night to morning. like what I did this morning. I was sleep like unconscious until 12pm or more. omg, my family has been trying so hard for waking me up from death, but it didn't work. and now... I'm awake like a vampire searching for a blood in the night. my eyes are wide-open though I don't consume any caffeine tonight. whereas I'm so damn sleepy for waiting 12am last night. ironic.

I've been thinking of many things these days. I know that -separating- is an easy word but very hard to do. we must realize that every beginning would always have an ending. depends to us, how the ending is.. is it happy, or miserable ending. I always want to be happy in life, though I know that impossible. there will be some sadness coming in our life. just like in the love story.

every relationship would come to end. is it break apart or marriage. I am too young for married, then the only choice is: break apart. oh my God, it is so hard to say goodbye. I hate that word. actually it's not the goodbye that hurts, but the flashbacks that follow. it will takes months for me to forget about everything. all I have to do is breathe deeply. blink away those tears. step forward. open my eyes, and walk away from the pain. because the past is for inspiration, not imitation, for continuation, not repetition. even if we don't end up together, I'd be happy just knowing you're in the world.

thankyou dear love :)

May 19th

Introducing Mr. Kevin the Cat :)

hi.. it's me again. I just felt a little bit lonely tonight. no text, no phone, no chat or anything. I've promised myself not to get over him. wanna set him free and hopefully miss me :) haha, though I know that would never happen. it's my lost...

well anyway it's May 18th, and I'm going to Bandung tomorrow for doing my design test. I'm so excited, really. me want this job so much. but still, humans are only able for making plans, but God would decided if is it right or not. at least, I'll do my best... and I have to do this seriously no more playing around. wish me luck guys, I don't wanna be a failed person :( fighhhhhhht!!

hey, have I told you that I have a very abnormal cat here in my house? haven't? sorry... actually this cat have lived in here since last year, maybe on Oct or Nov, I forgot that. this cat is seriously fun! it has a striped cat fur, like yellow and white, and obviously clean! we are wondering why but the cat look totally different from other cats in the neighborhood. maybe it sent from God for joins our family. hihihi it's very obedient, smart, kind, and funny! very nice, I love it so much. he's male anyway and it has a very handsome face for a cat of course. hahaha. and we called him 'Kevin'.. very strange name for a cat, huh? but idk... I'm just too obsessed with the name 'Kevin' and I've just saw the charming Kevin Aprilio with the band at television. so I decided to named it him. the cat reminds me to Kevin every time I play with. hahaha silly me!
here's pictures of Kevin the Cat:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
me.. with the cat :)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
scared of the camera's flashlight huh Mr. Cat? lol.

so that's it.. I'm happy with my simple life here, though I love Cirebon so much... the city where I was born, growing up, and where my friends who loves me are lived, I love this place very very veryyyyyy much! it's nice spending time with my family because I've lived so far faraway from the happiness, and now I deserve it :)

thanks for reading! have a good night peeps. wish me luck for tomorrow's test :)
May 18th

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Private Blog

hello... it's 3.20 am, and I haven't sleep at all.
haha I'm just can't sleep, because I've been wastin my day-time for lying around bed and take a nap. all day long! haha or you can call that 'hibernated'.

anyway, I have made my other blog. It's here: Dirty Little Secret of an (un)Happy Geek.
but unfortunately, this is a private blog, and only friends or people that I want allowed to see the blog page.
I know it's kinda silly and disgusting, but all I can say is, I have no private space here, on my own personal blog.
some people read it, and saying their complain about my page.
especially the on who get in a connection on a story here haha.
so, I think it would be better if I have my own private page.
a page to talk to myself, to think about those complicated problems, to live my own life without hearing some unwell complains from these people...

but it doesn't mean that I'll leave this Confession page forever.
I'm still write here, but only public topics.
not even personal? well, I hope so.
I was kind of girl who can't keep my secret all over my head and heart.
must let it out so I could fell my heart calm down.
yes, like most geeks do... writing, reading, complaining, writing, reading, complaining, writing, reading, complaining.... and so.

so that's all for now.
sigh, I'm starving again, and too bad.. no food at all.
better hit the bed now.
bye ya'all, have a good Sunday! :D

May 16th

Thursday, May 13, 2010


hey peeps, how's life?
it's been weeks since my last post, not in mood for any writing thing these days.
including tweeting and blogging.

yeah, some unlucky things came to me this week.
now, with the hardest breath I could say "Goodbye Undip".

it's kind a suck, you know.
when you had dreaming about something, and wishing everything will come to the best.
and you never ever think about anything else.
guessing that this is your real dream, and it getting close... close... and closer.

but suddenly an unpredictable things come and screw it up.
you dream is gone.
it destroyed.
and you might feel like, lost your mind, disappointed so much, and feel like everything would never be the same anymore.

but, it's not the end.
it's the new beginning.
the beginning of new dream.
a dream which I always wanted for my whole life.
God, I'm so excited.
I will work my best on this.
no more playing around, be serious.
wish me luck!

May 14th

Friday, May 07, 2010

It's us :)

tulisan ini diambil dari notes Suciana Ajrina Suyanto di Facebook. suka bangeeeeet... enjoy.

do you guys remember :

- waktu alam bikin cita-cita jadi juragan sapi? dan mau merekrut ijul dan cool jadi tukang gembalanya? gk ada anak lain yang punya cita-cita semulia itu :D

- waktu fani sama anas berantem sampe bu andri dari kelas sebelah balik lagi ke kelas kita. dan waktu itu tiba-tiba budi muncul sebagai pahlawan. antara bersikap heroik, ngelawak, dan mau ikut ngacau.

- waktu ara sama fani sama indra berantem di lapangan upacara. trus berhenti gara-gara pa heri bawa beng-beng buat anak-anak sekelas. memang benar makanan bisa merubah mood seseorang :p

- waktu alam sama winiasti berantem. ucep juga ikutan. dan fajar yang niatnya mau misahin malah kena tonjok alam.

- waktu anak cowo bolos semua satu kelas. kelas kayak kuburan. sunyi senyap. anak cewe pada bolos pelajaran pa iwan, dan ketauan pa bekti :))

- waktu hias kelas pas 17an. ada yang marah, ada yang ngambek, ada yang nangis mulu (oke ini saya haha), ada yang bakar-bakaran. macem-macem. we were tired but we had so much fun.

- waktu 17an pas kita makan bareng sambil lesehan di tengah kelas, dan sisa makanan nya gk ada yg ngebuang ditaro aja di kolong meja sampe membusuk. hahaha

- waktu foto kelas yang lumayan ribet sampe ada panitia yg nangis, banyak ide tentang tema mulai dari main gaple, poker, foto ala padang pasir yang tinggal pake mukenah, foto di batu karang yg belakangnya ombak kaya safa marwah, sampe ide foto di kelas pake putih abu-abu bersama teman sebangku masing-masing.

- waktu pas sebelum UN, kita berkumpul dan berdiskusi, merancang sebuah strategi untuk menunjukkan bahwa kita kompak :p

- ibnu tamami. teman seperjuangan kita. gimanapun, he was a part of us. cuma dia yang punya nyali curhat tentang cinta di depan kelas, di depan bu andri. dan tetap tegar berdiri di depan kelas melanjutkan cerita, walaupun dilemparin segala macem sampah :D

- gk ada kelas yang gonta-ganti KM sebanyak kelas kita. mulai dari saya, aulia yudha, sampai akhirnya syaoqi naik pangkat secara paksa. gk ada orang yg tahan ngatur kelas ini :))

- waktu cagel ngelempar air ke kelas, terus pada kesel tapi gk ada yang ambil tindakan, sampai akhirnya saya ngamuk dan meraung sampe disangka kesurupan sama pa taufik :D eh, ternyata pa jaenal juga tau loh :p

dan masih banyak lagi kenangan akan kebersamaan kita selama 2 tahun ini..
will we ever feel it again, ulangan cuma sepuluh menit dan marathon tiap minggu, merasa kasihan sama guru karena tiap mata pelajarannya anak-anak selalu asik ngobrol sendiri, kalo gk ngantuk. saat-saat dimana ada sinetron di kelas... entah itu yg lagi berantem, nangis, ataupun yg lagi asik duaan. saat-saat dimana kelas sepi pas pelajaran terakhir karena semuanya ngantuk.. saat dimana kita bergosip bareng, makan warkad bareng, bolos pengayaan bareng, nyontek rame-rame, selalu nyariin nurhayati pagi-pagi kalau ada peer yang harus dikumpulin, and so on...

sebentar lagi, kita harus menempuh jalan yang berbeda.. sekarang bagi kita, momen2 di atas begitu berharga dan kita berjanji untuk selalu mengingat semua itu. tapi, mungkin setahun lagi, ketika kita udah nyaman dengan suasana universitas dan udah punya temen baru yg asik juga, semua kenangan antara kita akan terhapus perlahan dari benak kita. i'm sure it'll happen. tapi, nanti suatu saat lagi, semua itu akan kembali terkuak ke permukaan dan memunculkan suatu rasa rindu yang menggebu. that's why guys, let's keep this strong special bond among us, meskipun ini hanya kita ingat setiap kali kita mau reuni sekolah :))

May 7th

Monday, May 03, 2010

I Love #ihatequotes

Rule 1:
If you love something set it free. If it comes back, it was meant to be.

Rule 2:
If it continues to fly, let it soar, have faith that God has something better in store.


Think positive in every way, may Allah bless us all Insya Allah. Amiiin...

May 3rd

It's so true!

I miss the old you,
I don't even like the new you. -@lorenhakeney

May 3rd

Hello May

hello peeps, how's life?
It's May already and oh... I missed my last post of April! I've been waited for it but now I missed it.. hiks :'(

I'm so busy lately. I haven't told you a report of the Graduation Day! OMG, I'm so fkn lazy... forgive my laziness peeps, please..

I didn't bring any camera at that moment. silly me, I left the camdig over my house and I can't take any memorable moment which only happens once in my life. I just take a picture using my friends' camera. Stupid huh?

Do you want to know how I look at that day? You don't? Hahaha. Ah please, let me tell you....... xixi.

I wore a Gold Kebaya, I mean it's not Kebaya made from gold, but just it's color. And also the skirt and the shoes. I borrow my cousin's shoes because it's color is perfectly match with my all look.

I didn't do anything with my hair. Just simple, let it flows as the wind's blows. and OMG, when I arrived at school, I was like the most 'ngga niat' student that attend the Graduuation Day. hahaha! So simple...

need to go now, write to you later peeps! xoxx

May 3rd