Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I'm Not Good Enough at. .

Been in a good day today. Art practical test is such a mess for myself. We made a keychain from a bamboo and designed it with some colorful paints in every way we like. Okay, I can say that I'm not good in this. I'm a fool for playing paints. I'm failed at the first time and become so lazy to continued it. So finally I painted a 'moo' on my keychain. Yaah, not too bad for the Beginner and the Loser. Ha-ha even my boyfriend get laugh on it :( I'm genius.

And talkin about Arabic, Miss Khusnul please-I-don't-know-what-you-actually-talked-about. I just remembered the main materials of the test, personal identity, and I'm not ready enough (always maybe?) to answers all your unknown questions spoken in Arabic. It was not your fault Miss, it's surely mine. Been studied Arabic for 3 years but still don't have anything to prove. What a silly person I am. . :(

Tomorrow would be more scarier than now. The subjects are Physics and Religion. Oh wow I'm dying for Physics and get so nervous even from now. And the Religion thing, Oh my God, it has a lot of things to be remembered at and I don't even remember anything at all. Gotta get work hard tonight and tomorrow morning.. Yaaaaaay.

Anyway I've just got home from my Aulia Yudha's house. I'm doing my Physics LKS there, because as usual, I haven't done it yet. Haha. And OMG I feel so damn comfort in there. So homey and made me don't want to go home immediately. Haha, his family was quite good to me and his lil'sister. . OMG she's way too cute. It was so deep warm and happy there, just unlike my house. Quiet. I really should go there again soon!

PS: I don't like it if my boyfriend read my blog which is mostly talked about him, haha. It makes him feels like fly in the air if he read it, especially this one :) This is not good for him. Hagagagagaga.

Enough for today, WTYL! (write to you later) Have a good night everyone..

March 31th

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Movie Marathon and Everything

Quick post, only from my cellphone and on a super limited voucher. huff

So today's exam = hard. Even though today was not the exacts thing but overall kinda made me pretty tired. The TIK test was very complicated. I might do all of them only if I had much time than that. So little time too much to do, I can't make sure everything was under control, and looks just perfect, but at least I've do my best. Hope I'll get a great grade for this lesson. Please, for this lesson.. I'm fallin for you TIK.

Then English Class. The speaking session was not as scary as the first time. I've got yahh not too-hard topic, Women. So that I'm not that speechless like what I did several months ago with Miss Nung at the Speaking Class. But I do give up for the writing session. Ohmy, I don't even know what I really wrote about. Kinda weird and unrealistic story. I don't feel like writing just now so don't be surprised if the story I've made, has no connections to anything at all. I just feel like 'I must do the test, no matter how it goes' So, I-just-writing (lol)

I feel a little bit happy today. Okay. . I mean, a LOT! Finally I watched Rumah Dara and Percy Jackson. 2 movies at a time. Movie marathon yeaaaaa and I really enjoy it so damnmuch. Thankyou for my Aulia Yuda who has accompanying me and making this day as much like as in heaven. Hihihhi thankyou <333

Anyway I've been promised to myself, there are no playing around for tomorrow. Gotta work hard, hard, and harder for the Undip Test next two weeks! Hope everything goes well. . Wish me luck guys.

March 30th

Monday, March 29, 2010

Random Things Happened Today

Have'nt post anything since yesterday. Got no voucher on my cellphone. I miss blogging so much. .as much as I miss you (hehe)

So today is the first day of Practical Exam at school. I've got Indonesian and Biology today. Thanks God, Indonesian is much better than I thought before. I thought that there will be some kind of speech, in Indonesian Perfect Language, or maybe reading poetry, short story, or anything but Thanksss God.. It's not that hard. At first we just listen to a story by PUTU WIJAYA and OMG I LOVE IT! The story was good and the voice who read it make it so much better. Then, we go downstairs to 3IPA7 and make a group sorted by alphabets. My groups are Nurfikriyadi, Nurhayati, Okky, Me, and Rahma. We do discussed of an article and there would be some questions about it. I don't find much trouble with that.

But then Biology class. I was kind of nervous, you know? I'm not that good at Biology and the test could be so damn hard. But then I asked my friends to teach me a little subjects for the test. I only asking and listening.. But that's better than doing nothing all day long. And when my turn to enter the test starts, I feel like I don't do my best. I only done several subjects from all 10 subjects. I think I done it all, but I'm not sure all that I done is right. Hopefully I could get the good grade at Biology, or at least 'a fine' grade. Amin. .

After the test me, Dara, Puput, Grace, Sari, and Fany go to Grage to eat KFC. I feel so damn hungry caused by the goddamned test. We just walking around Grage and some of my girlfriends are shopping some new things. Ofcourse I don't do the same. . Have no money on my pocket, haha.

When it's time for go home, the rain falls hardly outside. It's impossible for us to go home like that so we keep walking around until 4pm. I was wondering, if the rain falls like that until night, I can't go home with my bf. Even that day I haven't talked much with him since 2 days ago. Eggggh, I'm ready to go home by public transportation, with some bad things messing on my mind. But OMG.. the rain.he picked me front of school.with his astrounout raincoat on his body.just look so awesome.hihi

So today's such a perfect day, to be ended with a perfect situation. Haha, hope tomorrow would be better ;)

March 29th

Saturday, March 27, 2010


today is nothing without you. aaaaaaaaaah me miss you ;(

March 27th

Friday, March 26, 2010

Busy Things

Good news world, my headache has gone and now am happy like a baby. That's because they allow me to use the PC upstairs and catch up the internet. You know it's been a looooooooong time since I used computer for blogging. I usually did it only on my cellphone. So it's such a pleasure for me in this late night thu the connection goes slooooooooowly, but at least I could do what I need to do right away.

Well, I'm in Semarang by the way. Gonna spending 2 or 3 days with my family here. Actually I'm working on my preparation for Undip Test thingy on the next April 11th. Have a loooooot of things to do. It's so hard to leave Cirebon at the perfect time when my friends are planning some fun things to do after become so damn-depressed caused by the UN thing. And now we're free (for a while) because after that we still have the Practical Examination and also School Exam. Wish me also luck on those exams, guys ;;)

So they're planning to have some fun time at Kevin's. I'm not sure that this is 'class event' or just 'boys event' because the boy only discussed it between themselves. And I know that there are several times when they had a time together without asking the girls to come with. Okay, that's seriously boys stuff. Who cares? Right girls? (envy, lol)

And also my boyfriend already had his own plan. He will go to Curug Maja, Palutungan, Cipaniis, or whatever with Iman and his private teacher, Mas Bagja. I don't know what would they do in there, but it's gonna be fun. My boy asked me to come with but unfortunately this Undip thingy doesn't allow me to come with him :( or he asked me just because he know that I wouldn't come with him anyway? LOL. I miss him so bad damned right here.

Anyway there are a loooooot of movies I wanna watch lately. Especially on the Cinema like, I'm falling for Alice In Wonderland right now. Curious, thu my friends told me that the movie was not that 'great', but I'm still waiting for it. And then Hachiko, and How To Train Your Dragon. That could be amaaaaaazing. I still haven't watch Rumah Dara even Percy Jackson by the way. I know it's soooooooo last year, but as we know, Cirebon always late few months than others. But it's OK, at least I'd have a chance to watch them at the Cinema. Yipeeeeeeee....

So it's 11 at the night, and I'm sleepy -____- would have a lot of things to do tomorrow, so I'll write again later! See you. .

March 26th


feeling a lil'bit dizzy even more. thu have a lot of things to share today. maybe later. hoping me to get well asap.

have a nice weekend everyone.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Just OneMoreDay!

One more day and I'll be free from all this sicked things!

Well actually, it's not over yet. But at least now am allowed to refresh my brain for a while before trapped on Math, Physics, and English next two weeks.

Wanna watch movie, messing around with my mates, eating some delicious things, playing on the internet, hanging with my boy, and everything. But remember not to be overdoze and prepare for the Universitas Diponegoro Test. Very very hopeful that I could pass the test. Big AMIN..

still wish-me-luck!
March, 25th

Sunday, March 21, 2010

National Exam H-1

So here it goes.. National Exam H-1. I've been too stressed with all this things and could only hope that everything will not as scary as it seems. I've been worked hard (enough) and do pray to God everytime I could. So please God, let me pass the Exam easily and get an honourable grade right away. Amin.

Sunday, March 21st

Friday, March 19, 2010

A Call

It's Saturday morning. A phone call wakin' me up from death.. I mean sleep. Surprisingly it's from my mom. She said that she always do pray for me all the time and wishing me luck in every way. She said that I must take care of myself and have no hard thinks on my mind. I do miss you mom soooo damn much, and I wish you were here :'(

iloveyou mom

This Week's Thursday and Friday

Shocktherapy minggu ini euggggh..

Mulai dari Kamis..

Biasanya saya cinta hari Kamis. Karena pelajarannya asik2 dan (seringnya) bebas. Dan pulangnya ada TIK sore yg mana biasanya sambil nunggu jam 3 sore anak2 cewek kelas saya nontonin anak2 cowoknya main bola sambil teriak2 histeris. Seru aja, liat tingkah konyol mereka pas main bola. Kevin yang dgn tenaga supernya suka ngangkat2in gawang saat bertugas menjadi kiper. Syaoqi yang terus2an marahin anak cewe karena teriak2 mulu. Iman yang suka berpose ala model kalender di lapangan. Sampai Budi yang selalu nemenin kita (cewek) nonton karena gak suka main bola. Abis pada capek main bola biasanya mereka langsung nyerbu minuman2 kita dan dengan tanpa dosa diteguk sampe tetes terakhir. Oh well terima kasih! Abis itu kita mulailah TIK sore. Berpasang2an biasanya. Partner TIK saya biasanya Rizka. Saya yang ngetik dia yg bacain. Dan biasanya kita sukses jadi yang pertama selesai! Kalo temen2 saya yg lain sih biasanya.. ups, ngcopy dari dokumen kelas lain. Hahaha.

Tapi hari2 Kamis yg kaya begitu udah ga mungkin kejadian lagi. Dari mulai intensif minggu kemarin udah ga ada TIK sore.. Dan ga ada TIK pelajaran. Padahal I do love TIK so damn much! Huhu. Apalagi hari Kamis minggu ini. Hari Intensif terakhir. Hari belajar di kelas terakhir. Hari duduk di kelas bersama2 terakhir. Hari belajar bersama Bu Dian Bu Elis dan ditutup dgn cantik oleh ulangan Inti Atom dan Radioaktivitas oleh Pak Ramis. Semuanya berakhir.. Gak ada lagi belajar pagi2 di kelas sampe siang. Gak ada lagi rasa deg-degan pas nyampe sekolah kesiangan. Gak ada lagi senda gurau di sela pelajaran. Gak ada lagi nyanyi2 pas jam kosong. Gak ada lagi mainan "IJUL-IJULAN". Gak ada lagi lawakan jenaka Afendi. Aaaaaaaaaah am gonna miss them all!

Dan hari Jumat..

Hari paling mengharukan sepanjang sejarah Smansa angkatan 2010. Istighosah yg khusyuk dan mengharukan (walaupun jujur, saya agak kurang menikmati karena kebelet pipis. fucking pee! yaaaaay). The best part is ketika kita sujud mohon ampun kpd Allah SWT kemudian berpelukan bersama teman di kanan kiri kita. Tampang semuanya jelek banget deh berlinangan air mata..hehe termasuk saya. Baru kali ini saya ngerasa sehati banget sama temen2 semuanya. Baik itu cewek maupun cowok.. Sekelas ataupun beda kelas.. Yang jelas rasa sayangnya sama besarnya. Apalagi kalo diinget mungkin hal ini menjadi hal terakhir yang kita lakuin bareng2 sebelum Ujian Nasional 22 Maret besok.

Dan Ujian Nasional 2010 kawan-kawan. Cuma tinggal 2 hari lagiiii.. Apa kita sudah siap? Mudah2an siap semua ya. Maafkan salah dan khilaf saya selama ini. Semoga kita bisa melewati ujian ini dengan lancar dan dimudahkan oleh Allah SWT. Semoga semua kelas XII SMA di Indonesia lulus semua 100%.. AMIN!! Lebih spesifik lagi, SMANSA angkatan 2010.. AMIN!! Lebih sempit lagi kelas saya tercinta XII IPA 2.. AMIN!! Amin amin ya rabbal alamin.. :))

.:. For all bloggers in the whole world.. please wish me luck for the Exam and could pass this thingy easily. Pray fr us pls.. Hehe. Love you!

March, 19th. National Exam H-3
2010 pasti BISA!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

What a Tuesday!

Hola! Apa kareba? Seems like it's been yearrrss since my last post, walopun sbenernya gak selama itu juga sih. Tapi akhir2 ini postingan saya banyak cuma curahan hati dan cinta2an terus. Gak bermutu.

Saya akan sedikit berbagi kabar. Gak tau nih hal ini udah boleh dipublikasikan atau belum, yg jelas saya pengen post. Maap2 aja ya kalo misal tulisan saya tdk berkenan di hati saudara.

I made it! I mean.. We made it! Akhirnya foto buku tahunan kelas saya jadi juga dilaksanakan hari Selasa, pas libur Nyepi kemarin.. Sempet deg degan terus sih dari pas jaman2nya nyari tema, sharing sm fotografernya, dan memilih lokasi pemotretan, but finally.. Ada hasilnya juga. Seneng deh.

Yang bikin saya seneng lagi, anak2 kelas saya toh pada nikmatin bgt sesi fotonya, dari Aghista sampe Zhulkifli alhamdulillah dateng semua.. Ada yang telat sih tapi yg penting semuanya ngumpul.. Suksesss.. Alhamdulillah. Pemotretan yang dimulai dari jam 9 pagi sampe jam 2 siang jadi ga berasa capeknya (pura-puranya) karna anak2nya yg pada enjoy banget selama sesi. BIG THANKS to you guys..

Walaupuuuuuun dibalik kesuksesan acara ini tidak luput dari adanya pertengkaran antar personil. Ya, sebenernya sih saya yg salah. Saya datang terlambat. Nyuruh2in anak2 supaya pada dateng ontime eh saya panitianya sendiri ngaret hampir 1 jam! Maap buangeeeet! Bukan maunya saya ini juga. Kalo bukan gara2 didandanin oleh tangan jahil sepupu2 saya yg cantik Antika dan Yulin, mungkin saya bakal dateng cepat. Tapiiii utk foto sekali seumur hidup gapapalah. Thankyou anyway.. Makasi teman2 yang akhirnya mengerti. Kalian the best banget deh.

Mohon maaf hasil foto2nya belum bisa di upload, soalnya belum saatnya dipublikasikan.. Tp nanti kalo semuanya udah beres pasti saya pamerin di sini hihi. Saya puas banget dgn semuanya.. Me likey!

Ok, that's all fr now.. Write to you later ppl. *kisskiss..

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Please noted

I'm a tough woman. Saya bisa melakukan segalanya sendiri. Saya bukan seorang yang manja. Saya bukan orang yang selalu mengandalkan orang lain.

But I do need you.. Please believe me. It looks like a part of me is missing when you are not around. Just stay awake on my side and smile for me, you totally completed my life.

March 4th

Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Kenapa saya gak bisa milikin sekaligus semua hal yang saya sayangi?

Saya baru saja bahagia karena mendapat suatu hal indah, tapi harus kehilangan hal lainnya.

Kenapa saya gak bisa milikin semuanya sekaligus?

Semua hal-hal yang saya sukai dalam waktu bersamaan.

Kenapa? Apa ini harga yang harus dibayar untuk suatu nilai kebahagiaan?

Pengorbanan.. Kehilangan hal lainnya.

Sepintas hal itu tidak penting. Tidak berarti.

Tapi semuanya tidak ada yang tidak penting.

Semuanya bernyawa, mereka punya arti.

Saya ingin berbagi kebahagiaan dengan mereka semua sekaligus.

Ingin mereka merasakan hal yang saya rasakan bersama-sama.

Tapi kenapa saya harus memilih?

Sahabat, teman-teman, pacar, keluarga..

Apa saya tidak bisa mendapatkan mereka semua bersama-sama?

Apakah saya harus benar-benar memilih salah satu?

Bagaimana kalau saya tidak bisa memilih?

Apa itu berarti saya akan kehilangan mereka semua?

Lalu apa yang akan tersisa dari saya?

Kenapa saya gak bisa bercanda dengan sahabat saat sedang bermain bersama teman-teman disaat pacar menemani di samping saya serta keluarga tercinta mengelilingi saya.

Kenapa saya hanya boleh memiliki satu? Atau dua? Atau tidak sama sekali.

Ironis, saya pikir saya tidak bisa memilih.

Saya tidak MAMPU memilih apa yang terbaik bagi saya.

March 2nd