Thursday, November 06, 2014

my life within 3 months


I'm a terrible blogger, I haven't post anything here since August (Idk if I still allowed to call myself a blogger). there are so many many many things happen to me within 3 months. especially on September-October, I made a change that affects my life so much for the future. so let's begin the review:

1. I made up with my boyfriend. I know it's silly how I said I get back together with my boyfriend after making such an embarrassing writing in the previous post. the process isn't as easy as I picture it in one sentence. there are a lot of arguments before, many sacrifices until we finally meet one irrefutable conclusion: we made mistakes, we haven't talk for months, but our heart still belongs to each other. right when he states that he loves me and his feelings has not change since the beginning, well I couldn't say anything, but admit the same thing. I love him as much as I love him before this things happens, and now I love him even more. so this is it, I get back with him with more serious purpose for our future, together.

2. sadly, sadly, sad, I can't finish my study this year. I have this one subject which is killing me inside out, that I have to take the class once more this time. while most of my friends busy with their final project, I'm still busy playing with needle and stuffs in order to pass the sewing class. it's not easy you know, as I told you somewhere on my previous posts, I'm so bad at sewing. really really bad, even I want to mock myself. and after all this time, after years trying to get myself close to sewing machine, I still can't do it precisely. really, you have no idea how I suffer every time I attend the sewing class with junior classmates (which is totally embarrassing and I don't wanna even talk to anyone in class: senior dignity rules) while all I see is my classmates busy preparing for their thesis trial and soon to be graduated. for the sake of God, in this moment, I don't wanna be me. :(

3. fortunately I'm still stick to a job (which I've been doing it since March 2014) and no need to resign, as I planned before. The Boss don't mind if I take the job while I finish my study. as a senior, I only need to be on college twice a week: Wed to Thu, so it isn't a big deal. my coworkers are willing to help me handle the job when I'm away. even my Big Boss kindly providing additional money for my transport cost to Bandung every week. I'm so lucky, I can do many stuffs at the same time. now I can still finish my study while still can collect the money to pay my final assignment (which does not cost a bit). Alhamdulillah.

4. I finally can moved out from my Auntie's house where I spent my 4 years study in Bandung. living in somebody else's place is never been as good as living in our parents's, right. I've been living like this for about 6 years (since I'm in High School) so this thing totally made a change for my whole life. for those people who always living with their parents may not understand the feeling, but all I can say is I am extremely happy. now I live with my parents, in simplicity, far from the crowds, living in peace. I love it more than when I'm still living in a great modern residence in the big city. oh and fyi, I finally manage the house and get my own rooooooom! wohoooo, you have no idea how happy I am finally can sleep and decorate my own room that I never did for 6 years because I always need to share a room with my sisters (or sleep in other people's room). this feeling is inevitable, I couldn't be happier.

5. what else? oh this probably just one little thing, but guuuuuys finally I made my first passport at the age 22.  one step closer to fulfill my 'wanderlust' needs. my dream since I was a child is to travel the world. I don't wanna those big and luxurious residences, expensive rides. when I have a lot of money I wanna spend it by travel. travel and more travel around the world. and now I've just had the first ticket (with my own money) and now I just have to save more to buy airplane tickets abroad (with my own money). PS: the first trip is about to come soon. soooo excited!

so that's it. 5 points that describe my life over the last 3 months. I'll see you on the next post! X'D


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