Sunday, April 27, 2014

about the internship and stuffs

found this writing drafted since several months ago. this probably kind of #toolatepost but it's better if I put this where it should be. published.


couple weeks ago I became a companion for my boyfriend to hang around distros and clothing stores in the city, when I, accidentally, saw a very tremendous posters on the street. it said that there will be a 'study-abroad expo' or something like that held in the ballroom of Hilton Hotel. surprise, I must say. okay, since I decide that my life time dream will be study in some foreign country I might I will find a 'way' on that exhibition. so no need to think about it twice, next 2 days we were going there with some cool outfit we had prepared earlier.

and it proved to be true.

I mean not technically true, but still true.

I had a small talks with the foreigners on the expo. in fact: I've never really spoken to foreigners very much. I've never get used to it and when it comes the time to face the real foreigners (who cannot speak any language but English) suddenly my tongue-tied and I can't remember a word. such a shame! I finally got another opportunity to 'talk' with an Australian and.. hey, he can understand what I'm saying. even though I'm not really sure what he's talking about *because Australia is one of commonwealth countries so his accent sounded pretty British* I haven't been accustomed to hear his accent, but I really enjoy our 'sober' convos about Fashion Design School in Melbourne.

the foreigner, Mr. Sam, told me that there's a Fashion & Business Degree which takes 3 years to complete. on the first 2 years we will be taught everything about fashion designing and on the final year we will have an option to choose between Fashion Design or Fashion Business. he asked me if I've learned fashion and pattern making before and he said that it would be easier for me to learn those things in Melbourne if I've already had the basic knowledge. I found that super interesting to study in that college, I hope some day (one day) I will have a chance to study there.

but that's not all people... *drumroll*

just in time we (me and my boyfriend) want to go home, I accidentally saw an information board about Fashion Design Workshop: Making Moodboard on the next hall. my boyfriend said that because we were already there why don't we attend the workshop. so we discouraged to go home, take wudhu and do Asr prayer, and wait outside the hall.

the workshop speaker is Mr. Ferdi. he's a fashion designer from Jakarta and Bandung I guess. he is very decent and indulgent, and he looks really expert on his major. he taught us (the participants) how to make a good mood board from the very beginning. for you who don't know what mood board is, you can check it here. why I said indulgent: because there's only a few of us which had a basic learning about fashion designing. okay, it's actually just ME who had learn fashion before. and he (Mr. Ferdi) with his kind of heart taught us from the very first step.


the draft ends here, so I'll try to finish the post with conclusions:
  • Mr. Ferdi picks me as the winner for the workshop, and I get a very delicious and lovable chocolate as a reward. so happy!
  • later on I contact Mr. Ferdi and he offers me to do my final year internship on his production house. fyi, Mr. Ferdi had a good yet promising business in fashion uniform. a month on his workshop taught me a lot of things. thank you for all lessons Mr. Ferdi. I'm glad, I've finished it already.
  • my internship at Mr. Ferdi's brought me to find another relation. the lovely and very talented girl Josephine Lin (graduated from Maranatha Christian University majoring Fashion Design) had taught me lot of about fashion drawing: which is my primary weakness since I choose Fashion Design as my school major. so thanks to her, my fashion drawing become so much better now :)


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